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Treatment Options

We have created goal-based treatment options based on the techniques used and the style of delivery.  We hope these terms assist you to ensure you receive the best course of action for your therapy. 

Fee schedule
45 Min  -  $   86 total (includes HST)
60 Min  -  $ 106 total (includes HST)
90 Min  -  $ 147 total (includes HST)

Treatments are all available in 45 / 60 / 90 minute durations. 

New clients receive a 10% discount on their first visit.

Rock wall


For pain management & increased mobility

Feels a bit like a workout - zero out of three on the zen scale : )

There is a high degree of involvement from you during this appointment, through communication, muscle activation and assisted stretching.  Advanced techniques are used in conjunction with Swedish techniques.  Includes myo-fascial work and hot or cold applications as needed.   



For pain, increased mobility & stress reduction

More fluid than repair - two out of three on the zen scale : )

Less intense than “Repair” with less involvement from you and more fluidity to alleviate stress and enhance your overall well-being.  Combines some advanced techniques with Swedish massage.  Includes myo-fascial work, hot applications, and percussive techniques to leave you relaxed yet energized.

Light reflected in water


For general muscle tension & stress reduction

Leaves you and your muscles completely relaxed - three zen stars

Reduces muscle tension, stress and anxiety, calms nerves and improves sleep function.  This is the classic fluid Swedish massage. Pressure can be very firm to very light, depending on your preference.  Deep breathing techniques, guided meditation, aromatherapy and warm hydrotherapy are included.  

Additional Modalities

Chair on a beach


30 Min Treatment - $ 45

includes HST

When pain, posture, limited mobility or time constraints make traditional table massage challenging, chair massage fits well.  Focus is on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back.  You stay fully clothed, and are positioned on the pro massage chair.  Depending on treatment goals, this can be a light or deep tissue, relaxing or invigorating approach.

Mixed Stones


60 Min Treatment - $ 120

includes HST

This treatment is both healing and deeply relaxing.  The heat and properties of the basalt stones are soothing to aching muscles, and calming to the nervous system.  Techniques and light or deep pressure are determined by treatment goals.

Our Signature Treatments



60 Min Treatment - $ 106

includes HST

For this deeply grounding and relaxing massage therapy treatment, we have taken inspiration from the deepest depths of the ocean - the Hadal Zone.  Everything slows down, everything is quite, everything is serene.  You will be immersed in calming techniques, sounds, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy applications.  This option is ideal when stress is high, your muscles ache and your mind is fatigued.  Do not plan to go anywhere but home after this treatment!  Ultimate zen : )

Professionals high five Friday after work Chair Massage


30 Min Treatment - $ 45 each

includes HST

A great way for you and a colleague to put the workday behind you and energize for the day or weekend ahead!  This features a 30 minute chair massage each, done consecutively, which focuses on the muscles stressed from sitting or standing at a desk all day.  Because this treatment style is fully clothed, you can face your colleague and engage in conversation during treatment.  The music is upbeat, and our spa water is at hand.

Couples or Companion Massage Therapy_edited.jpg


60 Min
$106 Each

includes HST

Grab your bestie, sister, partner or Mom.  This is traditional table massage for two!  Your treatment goals will be determined during intake to ensure you receive the best possible treatment approach.

PLEASE NOTE:  This service must be booked directly by texting 613-929-7107

Gift Certificates

Untitled (41).jpg


Give the gift of self-care to a family or friend .... any of our services can be purchased via gift certificate or by e-gift card.  The recipient will receive their invitation to attend our clinic via email.  Alternatively, we can print the certificate and mail it to you or hold it for pick-up at our reception.  

* To arrange for your gift certificate, please text us at 613-929-7107.

* To purchase your e-gift card please click the link above.

Holiday Exclusive Treatments


10 Min
$15 incl tax

Ease tired, achy hands or feet with their own treatment.  This add-on to our regular massage services begins with heat, followed by a peppermint sugar scrub and healing massage with peppermint butter.

*  To book the peppermint add-on service, please indicate this in the notes section of your regular booking.

Christmas Wreath


120 Min
$195 incl tax

Slow things down for some much needed self-care with our longest therapeutic massage.  This treatment can be tailored to either of our repair, renew or relax options and includes the peppermint add-on.

* To book the 120 min treatment please contact us directly by text 613-929-7107

   or by email - : )

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