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How you show up in your space, your posture, your movement, your breathing - all have a profound impact on your health.  

I believe in finding the mechanism of your pain, stress, and/or reduced mobility and making small but lasting changes.  We're not just going to treat your symptoms,  I want to inspire you to change any old patterns that could be holding you back.  


When a client steps through our door for treatment, we may not know the depth of challenges or successes in their life.  Whatever they are experiencing, I endeavor to provide an atmosphere and treatment that allows them to focus on themselves and their health in the moment.  My approach is always to check in, assess, and follow through with targeted therapy.  I enjoy working with clients of all ages, and am continually humbled and amazed with each new person I meet. 

Road destination backgourn

In the Viking age, it was believed that illness was a spiritual attack on the soul, mind and body.  Perhaps this was a way of articulating the effects of what they could not see - stress. 


Great to meet you in this format!

 I'm Colleen Clarke, owner and practitioner of Drift Massage Therapy. 


Opening Drift paired my passion for healthcare with my drive to build and create experiences for my community.  Becoming an RMT is a second career for me, an expression of my true purpose and connecting to my Scandinavian roots.  The things that give me purpose are helping people to reach their health related goals, exploring new approaches to pain management, and bringing people together.  I joined this industry in May of 2022 after graduating with honors from the Trillium College Massage Therapy Program, and a prior 25 year career in finance.   When I'm not in clinic, you will find me with family, outside in nature, and preferably by the water : ) 


I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person in treatment!



Confidentiality, the protection of your personal health information & following strict cleaning protocols is our top priority. 


We have written and physical supports for you to borrow or purchase from our clinic.


Giving back to our community through donations, volunteer work and advocacy.


We spend a dedicated amount of time each week to continuing education and research to stay current.

Four interlocked hands illustrating our clinic commitment to professionalism
Giving something back ...

We are proud to use Cliniko management software in our practice, who in turn donate 2% of subscription revenues to support charities like Beyond the Orphanage

and Sea Shepherd.

Read their stories here:

Charity & Cliniko

Meet Our Team : )

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