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Treatment Options

Core Treatments

Goal-based treatment options with targeted techniques and elements.

Your goals during intake will always determine the approach we take each time for your treatment.  The options below give you an idea of how we can tailor your therapy and ensure you get an effective, well planned massage each time we work together on your health.


When your main goals are pain reduction and increased mobility, repair is the right treatment option for you. There is a high degree of involvement from you during this appointment, through communication, muscle activation and assisted stretching.  Advanced techniques are used in conjunction with Swedish techniques.  Includes myo-fascial work and hot or cold applications as needed. This can feel like a bit of a workout - not for you if you want a relaxation element to your treatment.

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When your goal is to incorporate a relaxation element along with pain reduction and increased mobiliy. Less intense than “Repair”, this treatment has less involvement from you and more fluidity to alleviate stress and enhance your overall well-being.  Combines advanced techniques with Swedish massage.  Includes myo-fascial work, hot applications, and percussive techniques to leave you relaxed yet energized.


When your main goals are to relax and reduce muscle tension. This treatment option reduces muscle tension, stress and anxiety, calms nerves and improves sleep function.  This is the classic fluid Swedish massage. Pressure can be very firm to very light, depending on your preference.  Deep breathing techniques, guided meditation, aromatherapy and hot hydrotherapy are included.

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Signature Treatments

We've levelled up these treatment elements to create a truly immersive and therapeutic experience.

The Hadal

For this deeply grounding and relaxing massage therapy treatment, we have taken inspiration from the deepest depths of the ocean - the Hadal Zone.  Everything slows down, everything is quite, everything is serene.  You will be immersed in calming techniques, sounds, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy applications.  This option is ideal when stress is high, your muscles ache and your mind is fatigued.  Do not plan to go anywhere but home after this treatment!  Ultimate zen : )

Chair Massage

When pain, posture, limited mobility or time constraints make traditional table massage challenging, chair massage fits well..... and our process is like no other. You are wrapped in heat to begin, while body rocking and compressions relax your muscles. Healing focus is on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back.  You stay fully clothed, and are positioned on the pro massage chair. This can be a light or deep tissue, relaxing or invigorating approach, and still includes myo-fascial work with our hot hydrotherapy.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is both deeply healing and relaxing.  The heat and properties of the basalt stones are soothing to aching muscles, and calming to the nervous system.  Techniques and light or deep pressure are determined by treatment goals. Hot oil & towels layer the luxury of this treatment leaving you feeling extremely well.

Couples Massage

We offer two options for couples massage: 
* The TGIMT (thank goodness it's massage time) / chair massage for two
* Together & Tranquil / traditional table massage for two. 
Both of these services must be booked directly by contacting us at 613-929-7107. 

Fee Schedule

All prices include HST

  45 Minutes ..................     $  90

  60 Minutes ..................     $110

  90 Minutes ..................     $150

120 Minutes ..................     $200

Hot Stone (60 min ) ......     $120

The Hadal (60 min ) ......     $110

Chair Tx   (30 min ) ........     $  50

TGIMT (60 min ) ............     $100

(chair massage for two)

Together & Tranquil .......     $220

(table massage for two)

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